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About the Conference

Media Law International (MLI) is a boutique publishing business with a niche industry focus on media. Our publications provide comprehensive coverage of law firms and practitioners with media law capabilities, across 56 jurisdictions. MLI’s coverage includes industry insight - business and legal.

MLI’s Second Annual Global Conference will bring together in-house counsel of media organisations and leading lawyers as speakers, providing an overview of the latest market developments and challenges.

MLI has partnered with renowned media organisations to produce a high-profile event that addresses topics of global importance. Firms will have sponsorship opportunities that allow them to showcase their knowledge, authority and industry expertise.

Advisory Board

MLI has established an Advisory Board that comprises in-house counsel from around the world, including Bulgaria, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, the UK and the US.

Our Advisory Board includes in-house counsel from, Facebook, The Guardian, ViacomCBS, Kantar, TuneIn, KidPod,, SpringWell Studios, the BBC and Channel 4

Second Annual Global Conference

Sponsored by Charles Russell Speechlys





  24 May 2022 | Virtual

  Digital Content, Press & Entertainment

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