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ECIJA is a top 10 law firm in the Spanish market. Founded in 1997 with a focus technology, media and telecommunications), the firm has grown since in accordance with the needs of its clients and is now a full service firm with presence in all areas of law and sectors. ECIJA comprises a team of first class lawyers with outstanding experience and is broadly international in scope. It is lauded for service, quality and client satisfaction.

While ECIJA is a full-service firm and provides a range of legal services, offering distinctive specialisation in some areas linked to the most developed sectors of industry: ECIJA is the Spanish reference in technology, media and telecommunication law.

Practice Areas

ECIJA is a full-service law firm providing advice in all legal fields:

Notable Deals

ECIJA is reference as a No. 1 firm in Spain for the media sector according to clients M&C Saatchi, Business Software Alliance, LaSexta (Channel 6), Globomedia, BBVA, among others.

The firm has recently been involved in the most significant media transactions that have shaped the



Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Spanish media sector in the last decade:


The team of lawyers is multilingual and able to work and advise in any of the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Dutch and German.



Torre de Cristal. Pº de la Castellana

259C. 28046 Madrid


T: +34 917 816 160

Office locations: Barcelona and Santiago de Chile

Media Contact

Yolanda Ramiro

E: yramiro@ecija.com

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