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Kopeć & Zaborowski (KKZ) is recognized as one of the leaders in media law and protection of personal rights, as well as in civil litigation and criminal press law. The position as the leader was confirmed five times in the ranking of the “Rzeczpospolita”, the most influential and prestigious daily in Poland.

Since 2019, Maciej Zaborowski, The Managing Partner, and The Kopec Zaborowski Law Firm itself have been recommended as experts (including in 2021, 2022, and 2023 as the leaders in Poland) in the areas of “White collars crimes” and highly recommended in “Media and telecommunication” (previous category “Technologies, media, telecommunication”.

The increasing prestige of the law firm and the number of successful cases transformed into a consistently growing number of clients, who are well-known politicians, journalists, actors, celebrities, publishers, media owners, businessmen, and managers of large and small companies. In 2023 they began cooperation with above 200 new clients and handled cases for them to the value of EUR1 billion. The total number of procedural cases in the area of media law amounted to over 300 including over 60 of the most prestigious media-related cases in Poland.


KKZ is a group of over 60 lawyers with vast legal knowledge, focused on seeking suitable and original solutions that facilitate the litigation process for clients. Their team is joined by lawyers and increasingly by specialists in data security, financial investigations, media, and PR. Thanks to such broad competencies, they can respond to the needs of clients who, in an image crisis, need support with an “A to Z” service, which includes public relations.

They cooperate with PR and consulting agencies on major issues. Combining the broad knowledge of various aspects of the law, mostly media law, personal rights protection, and criminal law they are recognized as unique in Poland’s specialized law firm able to offer immense legal support that merges these multiple areas.

KKZ lawyers also cooperate with private and public media in the following areas: pre-release material control, audiovisual material, and post-production stages both in respect of legal matters pertaining to press law and copyrights issues. 

Kopec & Zaborowski

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In addition, the law firm specializes in the area specializes law, including employment law, litigation and dispute resolution, and criminal law in business and conducts hundreds of proceedings in the field of banking law, and carries out investigative audits in companies.  


They have handled a number of disputes on behalf of leading investigative journalists regarding attacks on their activities.

They quickly caused the popular press to be banned from publishing false information about the renowned fashion and design company as connected to the media attack.

They led to the discontinuation of defamation proceedings against journalists – authors of press materials about a case that outraged public opinion, concerning the scandal in one of the largest estate joint-stock companies.

They won a number of court disputes in rectification proceedings, which resulted in the most popular national media entities being obliged to publish rectifications on behalf of our client in the so-called, prime time and on the front pages of newspapers.

They have written many last resort appeals in terms of protection of personal rights and rectifications that were positively reviewed by the Supreme Court, majority of which were cases of a precedent-setting nature for media law and protection of personal rights area.

They have advised clients at every stage of the image crisis in the media, cooperating with Public Relations agencies and helping to edit answers to journalists’ questions submitted under the Press Law Act.


Maciej Zaborowski, Managing Partner



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