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Czyzewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka represents entities operating both in the traditional media market and in the area of new technologies. The firm’s lawyers draft multiple contracts and other documents necessary to operate in the traditional and modern media.

Practice Areas  

Intellectual Property Litigation

They represent their clients in a diversity of Intellectual property and media litigation cases, both on the claimant and on the defended side; in trial & appellate courts and before the Supreme Court.

They have acted in cases concerning e.g.: copyright, right to publicity, false advertising, trademarks, entertainment issues, unfair competition, trade secrets, know how, right to privacy, loss of profits, breach of contract, reputation & goodwill.


The firm offers legal assistance to the entire film industry. They provide comprehensive assistance for its clients from the stage of development through production, up to rights management and distribution.

Media and Technologies

The firm represent entities operating both on the traditional media market and in the area of new technologies – e.g. on demand services, games, applications, ecommerce. The firm’s lawyers draft all kinds of contracts and other documents necessary to operate in the area of both traditional and modern media.

Social media

The firm advises its clients in a spectrum of issues regarding their existence and activities in social media: construction of the platform, social media policy, communication, promotion, libel law, privacy, media crisis management, commercialisation, ecommerce.

Personal Rights

The firm assists its clients in all matters involving the protection of personal rights e.g.: of image, privacy, reputation and the clientele, both in terms of handling

Czyzewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka


Firm Overview

Firm Overview

transactions as well as disputes. They represent book and press editors, broadcasters and digital media.


The firm has vast experience in the field of advertising. They offer comprehensive legal assistance in respect of advertising activities, including complete campaigns and the individual stages thereof. They also secure the interests of clients in tender procedures.


The firm provides legal advice to clients acting on each level of the “publishing machine”. They draft and negotiate contracts aimed at securing the process of creating and commercialising literature and the press. They advise also on all issues of press law.

Music and Entertainment

The firm provides legal assistance to all participants of the music and events market acting irrespective of the music genre represented by its clients, thereby striving to preserve in legal solutions the specific and individual nature of each field of art.

We also provide legal services to entities operating in the life sciences sector (pharmaceuticals, medicinal devices, clinical trials, healthcare, cosmetics, food (for details contact k.czyzewska@kclegal.eu)


ul. EmiliiPlater 10/57,00- 669 Warsaw, Poland

T: +48 22 407 21 01F: +48 22 407 00 01

Krzysztof Czyzewski, Partner

E: k.czyzewski@kclegal.eu

W: www.kclegal.eu

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